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Introduction to Image Editor Tools

Introduction to Image Editor Tools

Introduction to Image Editor Tools

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  1. Image Editor Advance Tab

    In this video tutorial will be demonstrating on how to use the advanced settings tab in the image editor of your wordpress post and page editor, it would be best if your post and pages are optimized or in the right size for the pixels of your image.
  2. Gimp Introduction

    Here in this video tutorial, it introduces an image editing tool which is similar to photoshop that we can use to make changes to our post images.
  3. Gimp Tour

    Here in this video tutorial, we will learn more about Gimp work area and how to use it. So once you finished downloading the Gimp program and installed it on your computer the next thing you will do is to open it and you will see some new windows will pop out on to your monitor.
  4. Gimp Add ScriptsFu

    So in this video tutorial will show you on how to add scripts. First is you need to download and install the Gimp program on your computer.
  5. Gimp Add Gradient to Text

    In this video tutorial, we will learn how to add a gradient color to text. First is, of course, you have to download and then install a Gimp program tool to your computer.
  6. Gimp Glowing Text

    Sometimes, additional effects and fancies on a website or post can attract readers, subscribers, and visitors.
  7. Gimp Raised Text

    On this video, we will walk you through the steps involved using the free image editor and creator called Gimp to create a text effect where the text looks like its popping out of the background image.
  8. Introduction

    Introducing, one of the free image and photo editing program exclusively for windows computer. Sorry for the Mac users out there.
  9. Tour is one of the powerful free image and photo editing program exclusively for windows computer.
  10. Add Plugins has an active and growing community that not only provides help when needed but constantly crafting new plugins and add even more functionality to this already cool tool.
  11. Text Effects is a free editor for images and text. It is 100% malware or virus free.
  12. PicMonkey Editor

    PicMonkey is a web-based editor or online photo editor, it can be access to a browser.
  13. PicMonkey Collage

    PicMonkey collage can help you create an awesome collage in just a few minutes.
  14. PicMonkey YT Channel Art

    Youtube channel art is a banner at the top of your Youtube channel.

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