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Introduction To WordPress

Introduction To WordPress

Introduction To WordPress

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  1. Using 1-click WordPress Installation

    Wordpress installation is one the time taking & tricky task. In this video, we are showing how to install the Wordpress in your server using one clicks methods.
  2. Install WordPress Manually

    In this video tutorial, we are showing how to install the Wordpress by manually. This method does take a long time as compared to instant methods.
  3. WP Basic After Installation Clean up

    In this video, we will show you the steps on how to clean Wordpress After installation.
  4. Basic WordPress Security

    In this video, you will cover some important methods of how to keep the website secure via Basic Security methods.
  5. How to used WordPress Dashboard?

    WordPress dashboard is the center location all of the content & management features on your WordPress website. Where the user is can manage their website.
  6. Difference between WordPress post WordPress page

    In this video tutorial, we will explain the difference between WordPress post WordPress page. There are lots of people who are using Wordpress yet.
  7. How to Create WordPress Page?

    In this tutorial, we are going to be showing how to create the Wordpress page on your website.
  8. How to Create WordPress Post?

    As we had explained in the previous video, about Wordpress page. So now we will talk about each step in this video which will help you to make WordPress post on your website in an easy way.
  9. How to add WordPress Plugin?

    WordPress plugins are a piece of software to add functionality to your wordpress website.
  10. How to Activate and add wordpress customize themes?

    WordPress theme changes the design of your website, Including its layout and size of the color of a link, etc.
  11. How to add WordPress widgets?

    WordPress Widget is a small block area, where you can add specific functions on your website.
  12. How to add WordPress Menu & Edit?

    WordPress Menu is just one way your site visitor gets around located various content on your website.
  13. Basic WordPress SEO tips for optimized WordPress post

    In this video, we will explain important steps for how to optimize your Wordpress post from Basic SEO tips. So if you really want to know how to optimize your WordPress post for increase website keywords ranking on Google.
  14. How to Prevention Brute Force Attacks

    The brute force attack is an attempt to steal a password or username of your site. It is an old attack method, but it's still effective and popular with hackers.
  15. What is WordPress?

    WordPress is open source Content Management system (CMS), that you can use to create a website or blog and much more. It is easier & flexible CMS for WordPress beginners.
  16. Difference between &

    WordPress is a free tool that makes it easy for anyone to post content their website online. WordPress comes two different versions, which is it. &

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