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WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Plugin

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  1. What is eCommerce

    in this video you will learn about e-commerce, what is e-commerce, according to Wikipedia, e-commerce is a commercial transaction conducted electronically on the internet.
  2. Pre-Setup Checklist

    Wordpress should be self-hosted website not from, you also need to collect money, easiest is business PayPal, stripe, or or some other of merchant account, you also need an SSL certificate assigned to your domain.
  3. WooCommerce Settings (Product Tab)

    This video will cover Products tab in the WooCommerce settings page, login to the dashboard, go to WooCommerce then go to settings, select the products tab, there are also subpages under products like General, Display, Inventory and downloadable products.
  4. WooCommerce Install Part 1

    In this Video, we're going to install and do some initial setups steps for the WooCommerce plugin.
  5. Adding Products To Your eStore

    This video will cover up steps in adding products to your Woocommerce eStore.
  6. WooCommerce Install Part 3

    In this video we will help you setup or configure your WooCommerce manually, everything is self-explanatory, it will guide you to payment processing with the PayPal pro and stripe options.
  7. WooCommerce Install Part 2

    In this video, we are going to cover steps to prepare our WordPress site for our store after installing the basic configuration of the WooCommerce plugin.
  8. Master The Mockup

    In this video turning ideas into graphic, first, we need to login to print full account.
  9. WooCommerce Settings (Taxes Tab)

    This video will cover the Taxes tab in your WooCommerce settings.
  10. Product Ideas

    In these videos, we are going to find ways of generating ideas for our products. there are some sites that you can visit for you to generate an idea for your products.
  11. Connecting To Our Store

    In these videos will cover up the steps involved in connecting the prinful account to our WooCommerce store on our WordPress site, first, we need to login into the dashboard on your WordPress site. and we need to login to your printful account.
  12. Creating Dropship Account

    In this video, we are going to look upon dropshipping service that we're going to use in our e-commerce store.
  13. Adding Demo Content

    This video will cover adding a demo content for our store to give us an idea what the store may look like when the stores are up and running, login to your dashboard area on wordpress.
  14. WooCommerce Settings (Tabs)

    In this video will cover the remaining tabs on woocommerce page.
  15. WooCommerce Settings (General Tab)

    In this video will cover the general tab on the WooCommerce settings page, first you need to login to your dashboard and select WooCommerce on the left sidebar then click on the settings link.
  16. Adding E-Store Theme

    In this video, we are going to pretty things a bit by adding a new theme specifically designed for an e-commerce store.
  17. Running A Test Purchase

    In this video will go to the test to purchase our newly added product. Go to your shop then sort it, select sort by newest, then select your new item then click check out to see all the information is correct.

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