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  1. About the Plugin Who Track the Activities on WordPress Website.

    In this video tutorial, we are going to cover website activities on your WordPress using the plugin. Who logs on? Who try to login? What pages do they visit after logging in? Briefly mentions the security training in this video.
  2. About Alternative Plugin of Akismet Anti-Spam.

    In this video tutorial, we will look into the alternative plugin of Akismet Anti-Spam. Akismet is free if your site only for personal use if your site is not for commercial use or generating money.
  3. How to Customize Notificatins Bar Using Free Plugin?

    This video demonstrates you to highly customization notifications bars by a free plugin.
  4. How to Show Your Content Grid Style Using Plugin?

    This video goes to show you to use a free plugin to supervise your content in grid view style, whatever the customer using to view the website like mobile, tablet & desktop. Just login to your dashboard, install & activate the plugin, then see how it works.
  5. Adding More Blocks Using Plugin.

    This class will introduce to your Gutenberg Editors more blocks or advanced blocks using the plugin.
  6. Use Classic Editors Plugin to Your WordPress Website

    In this class, we will look into the Classic Editors plugin to your WordPress website.
  7. How to Import & Export the Data from Your Website in CSV Spreadsheet?

    In this video tutorial, we will discuss about to export & import a large part of or some files from your WordPress website in CSV spreadsheet format using the plugin.
  8. How to Customize Users Roles from Plugin?

    Sometimes you need to allow access to someone in the admin or back ends area to perform some tasks to your WordPress website.
  9. How to display widget on Your WordPress Website where you want?

    This video is going to be demonstrating how shows widget on your WordPress website where you want. We can do it with a free WordPress plugin called "Widget Options".
  10. How to Use Black Studio TinyMCE Visual Editors in Widget?

    In this video we will show you about the Tiny Moxiecode Content Editor also know as TinyMCE is an open source HTML visual widget editor.
  11. How to Add Feature to Post/Page Editors by TinyMCE Advanced Plugin?

    This video is going to show you how to add stunning features to your website posts & page editors using the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.
  12. How to Secure Videos Using Plugin?

    In this video tutorial, we are going to show you a free video player for WordPress website using the plugin. "FV Flowplayer Video Player" plugin which is free & you can install on your website.
  13. Simple Contact Us Page Using Plugin

    In this video tutorial, we are going to describe how to add a simple contact us page using the plugin.
  14. Basic Make up Structure of WordPress Plugin

    This video tutorial going to tell you the basic makeup structure of the WordPress Plugin. So, first, decide what should be used to make a plugin. In this video, we are using Notepad++ editor.
  15. Plugin Testing for Fast Loading Website.

    This video will explain to you about the plugin testing for a fast loading website. Why is your website not loading as fast as possible when visitors visit your website?
  16. Choosing the Best WordPress Plugin.

    In this video tutorial, users get to know that how to choose the best WordPress plugins for the website. There are lots of plugins are free & as well as paid according to the specifications.
  17. What is a plugin?

    In this video, we are covering about what is a plugin & what's the reason to use the plugin with its importance. By using a plugin you can enhance your website core functionalities.
  18. Check Plugin Status on Your WordPress Website.

    There are lots of plugins is listed in the WordPress plugin directory as well as you have downloaded for your site, which is not so great today.

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