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Get Started With Cpanel

Get Started With Cpanel

Get Started With Cpanel

Cpanel is the most popular web-based control panel. It is a full-featured website development tool that helps in your tasks faster and manages your website. So In this video tutorial, we are going to show you how to get started with Cpanel and get your tasks accomplished faster than you expected.  Also, you will discover some important, which is necessary to get to know about it.

  • How to use the file manager effectively
  • Discover how to configure your email address
  • Learn how to configure your main settings in your account properly
  • Learn how to quickly and easily get used to the Cpanel

Watch now this Video Series to Get More information to Cpanel. We’ve shared our best tips and tricks inside.


  1. Overview- Cpanel Basic Editions

  2. About Files Section

  3. File Manager

  4. Backup Process

  5. FTP Accounts

  6. Domain Section

  7. Site Publisher - Domain Section

  8. Sub Domains

  9. E-Mail Section

  10. E-Mail Accounts

  11. E-Mail Section Forwarders

  12. Spam Monitoring

  13. Metrics Section

  14. Security Section - Hotlink Protection

  15. IP Blocker - Security Section

  16. Site Software - Software Section

  17. Advanced Section

  18. Preferences Section

  19. Introduction To Fantastico

  20. Cpanel-Conclusion

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