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Host Your First Interview Show

Host Your First Interview Show

Host Your First Interview Show

Interviewing successful people from different backgrounds is a great way to create powerful networks and possible partnerships. So in this video series, we will cover some important, which will help you to boost your online business.

  • Learn which platform to use and how to get started fast.
  • Learn the simple technique used to ensure superb quality broadcasting.
  • How to make your interview show look very professional and WOW your viewers
  • Learn how to display your PPT slides on the screen so your audience


  1. Hosting Your Audio Recording

  2. Skype and Free Conference Call Dot Com

  3. Syndicating To YouTube

  4. Using Anchor FM

  5. A Interviewing Others On Anchor

  6. Speeding Up Your Internet Connection For Anchor

  7. Syndicating To iTunes and Google Play

  8. Creating Interviews On Video With Go To Webinar

  9. Set Up Your Scheduling Call

  10. Finding Interviewes

  11. Creating Video Interviews with Zoom

  12. Creating a Home Base For Your Show

  13. Creating Live Interviews with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live

  14. Recording Platforms and Lead Generation

  15. Editing Your Audio Recording

  16. Hosting Your Video Recording

  17. Editing Your Video

  18. Overview - Host Your First Interview Show

  19. Minimum Equipment and Expense Needed

  20. Formatting Your Recording

  21. Conclusion - Posting To Your Site

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