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Introduction To CSS

Introduction To CSS

Introduction To CSS

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  1. Introduction To CSS And CSS3

    CSS is short for cascading style sheet which is a design element of a website or web application we see on the internet today and widely used by web developers and designers to fancy up a website by adding different styles to the web pages.
  2. The CSS Syntax

    When crafting a design part or presentation page of your website, you must at least have a basic idea on how things are put together.
  3. Inline CSS

    There are three different ways you can add cascading style sheets or CSS to a webpage or webpages. Inline CSS, Internal CSS, and External CSS.
  4. External CSS

    There are three different ways you can add cascading style sheets or CSS to a webpage or webpages. This video will demonstrate how to add CSS to your webpage using the external method.
  5. CSS Link Style

    By default, links will appear in a certain way in all browsers. an unvisited link is underlined in blue, once you visited the link the underlined link color will change into purple and underlined red for the active links.
  6. CSS Comment Tag

    Basically, the CSS comment tag makes the contents between the opening and closing comment tag and its invisible to the browser.
  7. CSS ID Selector

    HTML has a whole bunch of different elements or selectors that you can add styles too (ie. H1 tag, P1 tag, Body tag and so on).
  8. CSS Class Selector

    Class selectors are used whenever you have several different elements that may use the same styling or design
  9. CSS Validation

    It's always a good idea to follow the rules especially when it comes to writing design or presentation code to your HTML block elements.
  10. CSS Changing The Font Size

    You want a short paragraph to stand out? then, you may want the font size to be larger than the rest of the page.
  11. CSS Changing The Font Color

    Being able to display the text on your HTML documents the way you want them to look is an important part of keeping sites visitors on the website and coming back to the site.
  12. CSS Changing The Text Alignment

    Do you want your text aligned all the way to the left side of the page? or all the way to the right side of the page? even centered or aligned evenly on the right and the left side of the page?
  13. CSS Changing The Font Family

    If a font that you are using is not popular website font and it is a bit of a distraction, then, you risk your site visitors bolting off on your site quicker than they can say "Ouch!, my eyes!".
  14. CSS Changing The Font Style

    There are many design elements you can add to your HTML documents using CSS or Cascading style sheets to make your page look better and changing the font style is one of them.
  15. CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3D Text

    Adding a shadow effect will not only add emphasis to the targeted text but it will also give your documents that "Wow factor" that could keep your visitors or subscribers on your site longer or even coming back to your site more regularly.
  16. CSS Creating a Content Box

    On this video, we will show you how to create a box using CSS or also known as a cascading style sheet.
  17. CSS add Rounded Corners To a Content Box

    Talking about design and layout?. In CSS, there is a term called "Box Model" which is the foundation of layout on the Web and used to wrap around every HTML elements that are represented as a rectangular box.
  18. CSS Add Shadows To a Content Box

    Adding a content or CSS box to your HTML document can really make the content inside that box stand out from the rest of the content in your document.
  19. Internal CSS

    There are three different methods you can use to add cascading style sheets or CSS to a web page or web pages. Inline CSS to apply rules on a specific element, Internal CSS which we will discuss today and External CSS or.CSS file which contains all the CSS rules.

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