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Manage & Report With Excel

Manage & Report With Excel

Manage & Report With Excel

Are you searching for easy to use software that can store and retrieve all your financial data in just a few clicks? If you answer is yes, then we have one the best solutions, which is Excel? Excel is the most popular program for managing and reporting data. MS Excel is used by over 1.2 billion people on the planet and if you don't know about how to use Excel to managing your data with few clicks yet, then is missing out big time. That’s why we have make the step by step video series, where we have explain everything how to use this powerful software.


  1. Overview for Excel

  2. Interface Of Excel

  3. File Menu

  4. File Menu - Part 2

  5. Home Menu

  6. Insert Menu

  7. Page Layout Menu

  8. Formulas Menu

  9. Data Menu

  10. Data Menu - Part 2

  11. Review Menu

  12. View Menu

  13. Templates Set up

  14. Add Dates

  15. Numbers

  16. Manage Text

  17. Create Calculations

  18. Calculations Manual

  19. Page Set Up

  20. Print Settings

  21. Excel Conclusion

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