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Speed Testing Tools And Other Factors

Speed Testing Tools And Other Factors

Speed Testing Tools And Other Factors

In this course of video tutorial, you are going to learn about different tools to check the performance of your WordPress site. This way you can increase the page load time and other ways to improve the performance of the site. Everybody wants their site or blog to load in 3 second or less on the visitor's system. But what are changes that you can make to improve. Thus, this course covers all important and free testing tool, which every site or blog owner must aware. Go ahead and learn the different strategies for improving your blog or website.


  1. What is Caching?

    This video class is the introduction of web caching. But what is Web Caching? Caching is the way of improving website performance and helps you to decrease the number of request from different clients or visitors.
  2. How to Perform Image Optimization?

    In this video tutorial, we are going to learn about web-based image optimization tool and plugin versions of Before performing the image optimization in your site, you need to use any speed testing tool to ensures how many images that we need to compress or optimize.
  3. How to fix render blocking js and css above the fold content?

    In this video, we are going to fix render blocking JS and CSS above the fold content. This error can slow down the page load time.
  4. What is minification and concatenation

    In this video, we're going to explain minification and concatenation and how it is responsible for improving website performance. Combining all java scripts files and CSS files into one JS file and one CSS file is known as concatenation where removing all spaces and line brakes are termed as minification.
  5. What is GZip Compression ?

    In this video, we're going to give brief information about GZip Compression. How they work and why it is important? Basically, GZip compression is used to give a better experience to the visitor by lowering the time it takes for a website to transfer page files.
  6. How to fix Serve Scaled Image?

    Scaled images are those images whose size exactly matches with the defined size in CSS or HTML.
  7. What is Image Optimization?

    We have covered the website speed testing tools, next is image optimization tool or plugins. Before starting I recommend to take a full back up of your files and database.
  8. How to use Webpage Test Tool?

    The webpage test tool is easy and free to use. Like GTMetrix tool, this free version you need to register via login, you will have more access then just default features.
  9. How to use WebsitePulse test tool?

    In this video, we will cover the tool, name WebsitePulse Tool. As always, this tool has a free and premium version. This tool helps you to check, whether the specific component of your server or website is working properly.
  10. How to use Page Speed Insight tool?

    Page speed insight is also one of the free tools for performance testing but what makes it different from others.
  11. How to monitor website performance in Pingdom Tool?

    In last video we have introduced GTMetirx tool for testing the speed of WordPress site, here is another tool which itself is favorite among the WordPress users.
  12. How to use GTmetrix Tool?

    GTmetrix is one of the free tools for testing the speed and performance of the WordPress site. Even you can analyze the page load of the website from 7 different locations around the world.
  13. Free speed testing tools for WordPress Site

    This video covers the most popular and free tools for speed testing. Since we have discussed the importance of page speed or load speed but where you can check in free of cost.
  14. Why hosting server is important for speed up WordPress site

    Installing plugins in your WordPress site to increase the speed won't work if you have terrible hosting server. Choosing a WordPress hosting will be quite tricky for you, but we have got your back.
  15. Why we need page speed in WordPress

    Why Page Speed is so important? Well if and your family is the only one who is viewing the videos and images on your WordPress site then Page speed or load time would not bother you.
  16. What is Leverage Browser Cache?

    In the previous video tutorial, we've added a WordPress cache plugin in our WordPress website. Leverage browser caching is a way to optimizing the page load time of the site
  17. How to install and set up web caching plugin?

    This video covers the installation, activation and set -up of one of the popular and free plugin. There are lot of free and premium plugin available.

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