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WordPress Basic Knowledge

WordPress Basic Knowledge

WordPress Basic Knowledge

WordPress is an open source content management system or cms for short.Basically it is a free tool that you can build awesome website with. WordPress started from as existing open source blogging platform called b2. When the creator of b2 stopped supporting the program.Matt Mullenweg on April 1st of 2003 ,created a new branch of this open source program with the help of his friend Mike Little.On may 27th 2003, the first official version – wordpress 0.7 was released. WordPress used to create a website or blog. It is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web


  1. What's New in Wordpress Version 4.9

    WordPress 4.9 was before two years ago. It is the second and last major WordPress release of 2017 with some exciting new features and enhancements.
  2. vs Full theme support - You can use custom/commercial themes plus all the other free themes that exist. You can modify customize or do anything that you like with your site.
  3. What's New in wordpress version 4.5

    WordPress 4.5 named “Coleman” was released before three years ago. It’s the first major WordPress release of 2016 and comes with some exciting new features.
  4. Installing Wordpress Manually with FTP

    Installing Wordpress manually with FTP
  5. Wordpress Cleanup After Install

    How to Wordpress Cleanup After Install? First step after login wp-admin remove dismiss any messages , explore the next step option , remove all post , remove all plugins and remove the comment and in the file remove licence.txt e.t.c
  6. Wordpress Setting Discussion

    These settings are done by the admin to have control over the posts/pages that come in through users.
  7. What's New in wordpress version 4.9.6

    WordPress 4.9.6 is now available. This is a privacy and maintenance release. We encourage you to update your sites to take advantage of the new privacy features.
  8. What's New in wordpress version 4.8.1

    WordPress is a ground-breaking stage with solid mix and security capacities. WordPress 4.8 was discharged in the late spring of 2017 with a few outstanding new highlights.
  9. WordPress History

    Wordpress is an open source content management system or cms for short. Basically, it is a free tool that you can build an awesome website with. Wordpress started from an existing open source blogging platform called b2.
  10. Installing WordPress Manually with cPanel

    Installing WordPress manually with cPanel
  11. WordPress Dashboard Tour

    Website URL in your browser and add your domain name/wp-admin/ then open the login page and enter user name and password.
  12. Wordpress Setting Permalink

    How to setup WordPress permalink? First, you need to log in WordPress website I mean wp-admin area and then you will see settings option and then please click here and you will see permalink options . and then please select which you want to setup permalink.
  13. What's New in wordpress version 4.6

    WordPress 4.6 was released on before 3 years ago. It is the second major release of the year 2016, and brings some exciting new improvements and fixes several bugs. 4.6 is a release WordPress, and unless you are on a managed WordPress hosting service, you will have to manually initiate the update.
  14. What's New in wordpress version 4.7

    WordPress 4.7 was released just a few hours ago. It is the last major release of the year 2016, which brings some exciting new improvements and several bug fixes.
  15. Installing Wordpress Manally With FTP

    In this video, we are going to explain to you how to install manually WordPress on server step by step.
  16. Wordpress Setting Addon

    How to Wordpress Setting Addon.
  17. Change wordpress login Details

    How to Change WordPress login Details?
  18. Gravatars

    What is Gravatars? All user have one picture in all WordPress websites when you log in any WordPress websites and you can go to users and you will see all user have a picture that is also called Gravatars.
  19. WordPress Admin Tools

    What is Wordpress admin tools? Wordpress admin tools are mainly used for import or export data from one website to another website and WordPress admin sidebar.
  20. What's New in wordpress version 4.8

    WordPress 4.8 was released just a few hours ago. It is the first major release of 2017, with some long-awaited new features and enhancements. In this article, we will show you what’s new in WordPress 4.8 and which features you should try after updating your websites.
  21. WordPress Revision & Auto Save

    WordPress post revisions are a useful core feature that permit you quickly read previous versions of your posts or pages, further as see what changes are created and restore one of those previous versions, if desired.
  22. Wordpress General Settings

    The WordPress general settings page lets you set up some basic conventions about how your WordPress site will be displayed, including title, timezone, format for date and time, and more.
  23. WordPress Settings Writing

    What is WordPress Setting Writing? Use the Settings Writing Screen to regulate the interface you employ once writing new posts.
  24. WordPress Settings Reading

    The options within the Settings Reading Screen square measure few in variety, however still necessary. you'll be able to decide if you would like posts or a "static" Page displayed as your blog's front (main) page.
  25. What is RSS?

    What is RSS? RSS means Rich site summary or you can say Really simple syndication so the RSS feed is the way to get only desired website content.
  26. WordPress Settings Media

    The Media Settings is a sub panel located under Settings » Media. An administrator can define settings for WordPress media uploads in this sub panel.

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